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What are the backgrounds of your corporate psychologists?

Our first concern is with professionalism. Each psychologist has graduated from a doctoral level program in psychology. Some have obtained other degrees or gained significant work experience before joining the firm. A Ph.D. in Clinical, Counseling, or Industrial Psychology is the minimal criteria for entry to our firm as a licensed corporate psychologist.


How long has the firm been in business?

The firm was founded April 1, 1982. Collectively, we possess well over a century of consulting experience.


What approach does the firm take to offering services?

Sperduto & Associates, Inc. offers a broad range of services. Because our clients vary in size and needs, we believe in offering a “menu” of services from which each client organization can pick and choose. We work closely with the CEO and senior leaders to define the scope of the relationship as it is initiated, and set aside times for planned evaluation of services as the consulting relationship progresses. The nature of our work lends itself to ongoing relationships with clients because the data generated, our knowledge of our client’s unique circumstances, and the skills required by our clients for successful use of our services all build across time. To achieve optimum results, the development of an ongoing, long-term relationship with each client we serve is our goal.


What about costs?

Our approach to structuring a financial arrangement with clients is to establish a budget built upon needs expressed by our clients. We believe it is important for our clients to feel in control of the budget for our services, just as they must feel in control of their accounting or legal consulting budgets. Our fees consist of hourly rates, assessment rates, and special project rates (e.g., training seminars, planning sessions, attitude surveys, and large group 360° feedback surveys). Hourly rates differ among consultants based on level of experience. To help our clients budget, the hourly rates we quote to them are guaranteed for the calendar year. It is important to state clearly that we are not, nor are we likely to become, the lowest fee-for-service consultants in our field. We do offer differing levels of service which allow flexibility of pricing. By working closely together with our clients, we meet their objectives in a cost-effective fashion.


Does a company need to be a certain size before it can benefit from your services?

No. In fact, the ability of our smaller clients to make good people and planning decisions may have more effect per decision than those made by our multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 clients. If having the right person implementing a sensible plan is a critical factor for success in your organization, our services can be appropriately utilized. If attracting good people, and developing and training the people you have, are seen as critical factors for success, our services can be appropriately utilized. If organizing the succession of managers and executives within your company is a critical factor for success, our services can be appropriately utilized.


Are there geographical limits to your work?

No. We serve clients all over the country and in various parts of the globe where our clients have needed our services. Our global orientation has accelerated over the past few years as our clients continue to expand into international markets.


What has been the growth history of the firm?

Sperduto & Associates, Inc. has grown steadily. It has been operating in the black from its first year. The number of clients and services offered have expanded steadily as a result of a strategy that emphasizes solid, long-term, and manageable growth. Our expressed interest, however, is to provide the highest quality services available in our area of practice, not to attain any certain size.


Does the firm specialize in certain industries?

No. Our expertise is in the complex functioning of human beings in the work place, in work groups, and in management. Our clients are diversified by industry, size, and segment of the economy.


Are references available?

Yes. We are proud of our expanding client list and the evaluations we have received from our clients. Many CEOs have offered to serve as references.


How do I find your offices?

We are located on Peachtree Street in the business district of downtown Atlanta, on the North-South line of MARTA. More detailed directions are available.


Please call us at 404/577-1178 to discuss how we can assist you with this service.

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