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Questions and Answers About The Consulting Experience and Employment at Sperduto & Associates, Inc.

Below are the questions most commonly asked by people considering a career with Sperduto & Associates, Inc. The answers provided here are helpful in understanding what it is like to work in our firm.

Why join Sperduto & Associates, Inc.?
Join Sperduto & Associates, Inc. to make a positive difference, both inside and outside the firm. We have a tremendous impact on our client organizations. We work with CEOs and other top leaders, and our counsel influences important decisions in their organizations. As we are a relatively small consulting firm, new members have a significant impact on Sperduto & Associates, Inc. In our team environment, each member adds to the overall thinking and direction of our organization.

Who are your clients?
Our clients come from all industries and range from small, entrepreneurial companies to large Fortune 100 organizations. Our clients are primarily located in the United States, although many have an international presence.

How do you work with your clients?
Our work is performed within the context of long-term client relationships. While we help with short-term interventions when appropriate, we have our greatest impact by helping our clients focus on effective people management across time on a day-in and day-out basis.

Are consultants responsible for developing new business?
Over time, yes. At first, consultants work with existing clients and focus on building their consulting skills. As their confidence and expertise grow, consultants learn how to expand their business contacts and develop new client relationships.

What is your apprenticeship model of training new consultants?
New consultants at Sperduto & Associates, Inc. can rely on a mentor who supervises and coordinates their training. This mentor makes sure a new person has all the information, materials, and experiences necessary to succeed in the position. Balanced and constructive feedback is provided often. New consultants accept responsibilities in a paced manner, based on their progress and current readiness.

What is the culture of Sperduto & Associates, Inc.?
While consultants must work well independently, we provide a team-oriented environment. Typically, more than one consultant works with a given client, which requires consultants to be creative as a group, brainstorm, and make decisions together. Our culture also values excellent service to clients, hard work, and high ethical standards.

How much can I expect to travel?
We provide the opportunity to work on-site with our clients, so travel is an integral part of the consulting experience. Travel is typically limited, on average, to no more than two nights away from home a week. This is to help us maintain a healthy balance between our personal and work lives.


There are no open positions available at this time.



Sperduto & Associates, Inc. is occasionally looking for individuals who are in college and interested in working with us part-time as an intern. We are looking for bright, energetic, and self-motivated individuals who are open to exploring the world of corporate psychology and management consulting. Your internship experience will expose you to a broad array of our work, and you will have the flexibility in scheduling that your lifestyle requires.
For further information, please contact:
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