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Introduction to the Psychological Assessment

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If you have been scheduled to go through a psychological assessment, it would not be unusual for you to feel some apprehension, particularly if the assessment is for selection purposes. Remember that the assessment is only one piece of a thorough, considered selection process and is not a “pass or fail” hurdle. The assessment will help the organization for which you are being assessed understand your strengths, developmental needs, and fit with the position and organizational culture. Having this information will allow decisions to be made that are in the best mutual interests of both you and the organization. In addition, the assessment provides useful information that you can use to further guide your development and career planning process.

Please see the list of commonly asked questions, listed below, and their answers for more information regarding the assessment process. If you have questions not listed here, please contact us at 404/577-1178.


Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

No. Just come prepared to be yourself and respond naturally.


Does the psychologist decide if I will be hired?

No. Management will make that decision. The psychological assessment is only one part of the hiring process. This information will be combined with your interviews with people in the organization, your work experience, your references, and other pieces of information.


Has anyone ever failed this exam?

No. The assessment process is not designed to determine if you are a “good” or “bad” person, but to help us understand you and how well you fit the position, the organization, and the culture. Decisions about individuals are made on the basis of the data from the assessment combined with all other sources of information (for example, your interviews with people in the organization, work experience, and references).


Do I get the results of the assessment?

Yes. Feedback is an important component of this process. There are many benefits that can come to you from the assessment process. We want you to know there are no “secrets.” Regardless of whether or not you are hired, you can review the assessment report with the psychologist.


Can I have a copy of the assessment report?

No. You always have access to the information in the report through the psychologist or the organization, but you will not receive a copy of the report. It is proprietary information owned by the organization.


When will I get to see the assessment results?

If you are selected by the organization, someone from Sperduto & Associates, Inc. will contact you, within 90 days of your start date, to schedule a feedback call. Your time with the psychologist will be used to review the assessment report, have your questions answered, and plan for your personal and professional development going forward. If you are not hired, you should contact the psychologist who did your assessment directly to obtain your feedback.


I am kind of nervous about this. What if I do not sleep well the night before the assessment? Could that negatively impact my results?

No. The assessment process is designed to be robust enough, by gathering information about you in many different ways, that it is resistant to the impact of these types of extraneous variables on an individualâs performance.


I’ve heard they are going to ask me questions about my family. What does that have to do with my candidacy?

The interview you will have with the psychologist is a psychological interview, which is qualitatively different from a typical job interview. Those questions are designed to provide the psychologist with the full context of who you are and how you have come to be that person. The answers also allow the psychologist to determine your level of insight into those who have played key roles in your life. The psychologist keeps your answers strictly confidential and will only use them for the purposes of understanding your psychological data in the best and fullest way possible. None of the specific information you provide in the interview is ever shared with other individuals in the organization.


What if I fail the psychological assessment? If I don’t get hired then, will that be why I don’t get the job?

No. It is impossible to fail a psychological assessment. The assessment is only one piece of data that is considered in a thorough selection process. The organization will also consider your work experience, your interviews with organization leaders, your references, and your candidacy in light of other applicants who are being considered for the same position.


At any time, if you have questions about the assessment process, do not hesitate to contact any member of the Sperduto & Associates, Inc. consulting team at 404/577-1178.


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