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Mergers & Acquisitions

Sperduto & Associates, Inc. did due diligence on the leadership and culture of our acquisition target and then helped us know how to best integrate important talent and merge the cultures.


Developing Individuals

The consultants at Sperduto & Associates have helped me understand what my team needs and how I can be a more effective leader.

HR Executive

Reducing Turnover

Thanks to Sperduto & Associates, we now have a better understanding of why our employess leave and what we need to do to retain them.


CEO Succession

Our board employed Sperduto & Associates, Inc. to help evaluate our current leadership team as a prelude to bringing in a new CEO.


Developing the Executive Team

Sperduto & Associates has been working to help our senior team be optimally effective both as individuals and as a team.


Understanding Our Culture

The consultants at Sperduto & Associates have helped us understand our culture and where we can make improvements.

Physician Leader

Developing Physician Practices

I am in charge of the employed physician practice for our health system. Sperduto & Associates, Inc. helps us select physicians who will fit with our practices and be successful in our culture.


Dealing with Partners

Parachuting in a laterally hired partner is expensive and risky. Sperduto & Associates, Inc. helps us understand and predict the probability of success with each candidate we consider.


Dealing with Growth

Our company has grown so fast we are outgrowing our original talent. Sperduto & Associates, Inc. helped us understand which people could take us to the next level and how to hire the necessary new skill sets.


Technology and Leadership

Our technical skills are unsurpassed. Our leadership, management, and emotional intelligence abilities are underdeveloped. Sperduto & Associates, Inc. helps us with these important variables in being successful.

HR Executive

Objective Third-party Data

Sperduto & Associates, Inc. provides us professional opinions we just cannot obtain elsewhere. They synthesize a great deal of data and share it in a way we can use it for practical purposes to drive our business.

Chief Nursing Officer

Where Rubber Meets the Road in Healthcare

Our entire nursing organization is under pressure. Sperduto & Associates, Inc. understands our situation and has helped us build skills to deal with doctors and administration, and provide better leadership.

European Subsidiary

International Flexibility

Our international talent must interface effectively with our U.S. parent. Sperduto & Associates, Inc. helps us hire people who can be effective on both sides of the pond.

Managing Partner

Private Equity/Venture Capital

Sperduto & Associates, Inc. helps us evaluate and build stronger leadership in our portfolio companies as well as helping with due diligence of the management teams of our acquisition targets.


CEO Development

Our CEO was underperforming in some ways and outperforming in others. We engaged Sperduto & Associates, Inc. to help round his skills and mature his style.


Changing Directions

After 25 years climbing the corporate ladder, I needed to find something new.

College Student

Finding a Career Path

I was really struggling to settle on a career path. Sperduto helped me to find a direction that fit with my strengths and interests.

Sperduto & Associates, Inc. is a firm of corporate psychologists and management consultants, based in Atlanta, helping organizations in all areas of the country by providing psychological and management consultation. Our work is focused on helping organizations select, develop, understand, and organize their most important asset: people. We are in the business of helping people be more engaged, satisfied and productive at work. Learn about our business model and explore an interactive grid to understand how our services fit together to meet our clients’ needs.

If these situations sound familiar we can help…

We are lacking bench strength in our management team. We need to focus on building talent and leadership for tomorrow.
Our last hiring decision was a disaster. We need help hiring great talent.
Our organization is struggling with silo mentality and political infighting between groups.
Turnover is a significant problem in our organization and we are having trouble attracting good talent.
Our industry has been undergoing significant change in terms of how we do business and make money. It is time for us to make important changes in our culture to reflect these industry trends.


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