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Mission and Objectives

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Sperduto & Associates, Inc. is to optimize the effectiveness and results of its client organizations while enhancing the welfare of people.

Our Objectives

While every corporate environment is unique and eventual outcomes are determined by many factors, we at Sperduto & Associates, Inc. aim our efforts to achieve the following objectives for our client organizations:

  • Improved selection of high potential candidates who fit in quickly and make a positive contribution to the organization.
  • Improved functioning of employees in their roles of manager, coworker, and direct report.
  • Enhanced management efficiency and productivity through understanding how the current organizational structure fits the skills and abilities of current employees and the needs of the marketplace.
  • Greater depth and breadth of talent across the organization.
  • Increased fluidity of succession by key employees as the corporation develops and expands.
  • Improved communication across divisions and between levels of the organization.
  • Reduction in employee turnover.
  • Increased employee job satisfaction.
  • Healthier work environment.
  • Reduction of work-related stress and improved ability of employees to manage stress in all areas of life.
  • Stronger boss/direct report and coworker relationships.
  • Greater collaboration across individuals and divisions in the organization.
  • Improved identification of corporate objectives, improved planning and articulation of action steps, and enhanced execution of plans.
  • Enhanced ability to solve problems, make decisions, and become optimally responsive to market changes.
  • Increased insights into the functioning of organizations with acquisition/merger potential.
  • All (of the above) of which translate to the ultimate client objective: stronger bottom-line results.

Sperduto & Associates, Inc