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What Our Clients Say

Although most of our work takes place in the United States, as our clients become more global in orientation we are asked to serve an increasing number of international candidates and employees. The map above highlights countries in which some of these candidates and employees have worked or originated.

A note to our prospective clients

Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with many first-class organizations and outstanding leaders. With their permission, what follows are comments we have received across time from a sampling of those leaders about our services.


“The promise behind our brand is best illustrated by the extraordinary strength of our people. Because we recognize the importance of excellent talent as a competitive edge in the marketplace, we value the contribution Sperduto & Associates has made to SunTrust’s success.  For more than 25 years, we have drawn on their keen insights, extensive experience and wise business acumen to help us select quality candidates, develop executives, build teams, and make sound, strategic decisions that drive results for our organization.”

Bill Rogers, President and CEO
Atlanta, Georgia


“Sperduto & Associates has been part of my professional life for over 20 years. The firm is principle-driven and the staff is highly competent and very professional. All of the Sperduto & Associates consultants with whom I have had the pleasure of working have been highly effective at building relationships and providing invaluable insight. They have added significant value in numerous areas including evaluating new hires, team building, leadership development, and strategic planning. I consider them an integral part of our executive management team.”

Bill Trimarco, President and CEO
Findlay, Ohio


“For more than 30 years, Sperduto & Associates has played an integral role in assisting Baptist Health Care toward achieving our vision of being the best health system in America. Over the years, Sperduto & Associates has assisted us with building a cohesive, high functioning leadership team, as well as assisting us with strategy, selection and developmental assessments, team building, executive development, and employee engagement. Our partnership with Sperduto & Associates is an investment in the future of our organization and, over the years, they have proven themselves to be worthy and trusted advisors.”

Mark Faulkner, CEO
Pensacola, Florida


“We manage a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for the U.S. government in the production, modification, and dismantlement of nuclear weapon components. We perform to demanding standards of precision and safety and we thrive on tough challenges, having recently been designated as the National Prototype Center. Since the end of the Cold War, the mission change, ultimatum for cost savings, and shifts in customer and employee expectations rival any in the world. During much of this period, we have dealt with Sperduto & Associates, Inc. to help with executive assessment and development, organizational restructuring, reengineering, and strategic planning. The insight they are able to bring to individuals and work teams is uncanny in its accuracy. Probably the most important thing I can say about them is that their counsel is wise.”

Robert I. Van Hook, Ph.D., President
Oak Ridge, Tennessee


“We have been working with Sperduto for several years on our employee engagement survey and other team-building activities. They have always been easy to work with and very responsive. Sperduto has done a great job presenting results to staff and addressing concerns throughout the organization. They meet our specific needs and focus on what is important to our organization.”

Alan D. Harrison, Vice President for Administration
Atlanta, Georgia


“My first exposure to Sperduto & Associates, Inc. was as a young man participating in a previous employer’s development program. The firm impressed me at that time. When I became CEO of my company, 15 years later, I retained Sperduto & Associates, Inc. to assist us in our human resources development activities. Their assistance in these areas has been invaluable.”

John Stokely, CEO
Richmond, Virginia


“Since the inception of our organization, we have worked with Sperduto & Associates on employee engagement, selection, and development. In 2010, we partnered to improve our hiring processes – benchmarking and profiling our highest performers. The process has yielded a 95% retention rate and is continually updated based on frequent communication and collaboration. We enjoy a true partnership that leads to quality outcomes for our organization and those we serve. Their ongoing guidance and expertise allow us to maintain the highest levels of engagement and retention.”

Shannon Libbert, MPA, HR Leader
Gulf Breeze, Florida


“For many years the consultants at Sperduto & Associates, Inc. have been a valuable resource to our law firm.  We do not hire senior nonlawyer staff without their assistance.  We have benefitted from their consultation on career planning for lawyers, teambuilding, organizational restructuring and related subjects.”

Robert D. Hayes, Chairman
Atlanta, Georgia


“I have worked with Sperduto for the last 6 years. During this period of time, their advice has been an invaluable help in our hiring process for senior positions in Latin America. They have an extraordinary ability to assess candidates and provide an assertive prognosis on what would happen in the future, once the candidate becomes an employee.  We have run the Sperduto assessments for many senior candidates that we hired in these years and when I look back to the reports, I find that the concerns and recommendations were very accurate and appropriate. I am convinced that evaluating our external senior hires with Sperduto strongly contributes to improving the quality of our new hires and also our success ratio in terms of culture fit and adaptation to our company. The quality of their work, their accessibility, and responsiveness are excellent, very client-oriented, and with high respect both for the candidates and client organization simultaneously.”

Javier Tabakman, Director of Human Capital for Central and South America
Buenos Aires, Argentina


“We need people who function well and thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Sperduto & Associates, Inc. assessments hasten the orientation as managers are promoted or brought in so we can focus on strategic activities, instead of struggling to understand each other. The firm’s associates show a clear sensitivity to our needs and a depth of experience to fully understand the cross-over implications of each decision. In addition to the ‘big picture’ issues, their ongoing services help identify small areas of concern and make slight modifications to assure that our operation runs smoothly.”

Joel Wernick, President and CEO
Albany, Georgia


“Having won our industry’s award as the ‘Best Airport Retailer’ for 18 consecutive years, we work closely with airports all over North America and, as such, our company has experienced significant growth and changes during the last five years. Sperduto & Associates has been instrumental in helping our leadership team grow into a high performance team. They have been very successful in gaining our team members’ trust and confidence, while not infringing on confidentiality. They have helped me to better understand the DNA of our people so I can more effectively motivate and inspire the team.”

Gregg Paradies, President and CEO
Atlanta, Georgia


“Our business involves multi-million dollar partnerships with top management individuals. At the formation of these relationships, they are relative strangers to us. Sperduto & Associates, Inc. has helped us to understand our potential partners at the outset on a level which might otherwise take several years of personal association. On a few important occasions, they have also helped us identify personality characteristics in potential partners which would be inconsistent with a successful association.”

Kurt Kamm, Partner
Beverly Hills, California


“With a half dozen C-suite leadership teams in 4 states and 2 countries, it has been a 20+ year journey working with Sperduto & Associates to develop the very best leadership talent for organizations I have led. Their consistency and reliability in assessing the talent and capabilities of potential employment candidates and helping maximize individual and collective team contributions by understanding strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in talent has been brilliant. Well beyond talent selection, S&A has been invaluable in areas ranging from leadership development plans for new managers, to maximizing the gifts of our leaders, to assisting in developing high performing teams, to strategic conference facilitation. Each element of our work with them has been designed with insight and care to take the quality of leadership inside our organization to the next level. Most recently they have helped me in the United Arab Emirates, seamlessly crossing cultures; they have been an invaluable asset in the leadership development for our organization.”

Lee S. Huntley, FACHE, Regional Chief Executive Officer
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


“The success of our unique business model is critically dependent upon choosing the right individual as partner. Sperduto & Associates has been a trusted advisor for almost twenty years, assisting as we evaluate key factors for success with our partners. Dr. Dale Belles and the firm understand our model and needs – a special insight that has helped us build successful partnerships, as well as avoid incompatible ones.”

Fred P. Burke, CEO
Atlanta, Georgia


“Sperduto & Associates has been a valued partner to our organization and to me for multiple years.  Because of her knowledge and understanding of our culture, Dr. Kay Loerch has played an integral part in evaluating key hires, coaching leaders, and helping us build more effective teams.  The firm builds trust easily and is extremely effective.  I am grateful to have Sperduto & Associates on my team.”

John McKenney, President/CEO
Atlanta, Georgia


“At Landrum, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset.  Understanding the unique strengths of our people and positioning them to best leverage their talents is essential to creating an engaged work force and a successful business.  Sperduto & Associates have helped us gain insight into, and improve performance of, our individual leaders as well as facilitate our senior executive team becoming more effective.  We see S&A as a valuable strategic partner that plays a pivotal role in contributing to our success and longevity.”

Britt Landrum III, President
Pensacola, Florida


“A client since Sperduto & Associates, Inc’s inception, we have found the associates to be thoroughly honest and very insightful. They have an uncanny knack for gaining people’s confidence, encouraging them to openly explain the issues of concern and then delivering those issues to management without invading the privacy of the individual or infringing on the confidentiality required. Sperduto & Associates, Inc. has helped us through each cycle of growth. Most recently, they provided invaluable assistance in the knitting-together of our $6.0 billion company with a merged $3.5 billion entity. We now have a well-functioning single operation which combines the best of both entities. Every year, we vote with our budgets to keep using their services because they are a true investment in the future of our company.”

Frank A. Newman, Chairman, President, and CEO
Clearwater, Florida


“I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all the help the Sperduto team has been the last few years. Sperduto & Associates’ availability and responsiveness to our requests has been superb. We really appreciate the flexibility Dr. Chris Reilly has shown in working with the uniqueness of our structure and customizing the reports so that our needs are met at both our corporate home office and also with our facility partners. The training sessions have been very helpful to our Senior Leaders, as well as our front-line managers. We value our partnership with Sperduto and look forward to working with the firm as we continue the process of making quality improvements in all of our organizational outcomes. Thank you!”

Travis Tassett, VP of Organizational Development
Leawood, Kansas


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