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Industries Served

Sperduto & Associates, Inc. has experience in aiding CEOs and senior leaders in many types of firms and industries, including:

  • accounting
  • actuarial
  • advertising
  • banking
  • brokerage
  • chemical manufacturing
  • computer manufacturing and distribution
  • construction
  • consulting
  • distribution
  • energy
  • engineering
  • financial
  • government agencies
  • government contractors
  • healthcare organizations
  • hospitals
  • hospitality
  • insurance
  • legal
  • light manufacturing
  • manufacturing
  • physician groups
  • private equity
  • utilities: electrical
  • venture capital
  • public relations
  • real estate development
  • retailing

A relationship with a client organization typically becomes ongoing at the request of the CEO because it is apparent that the information forthcoming is more useful as the organization becomes more familiar and comfortable with the consulting process. Further, the depth of information we can provide increases as we become more familiar with the organization, the context and culture, and its key players over time.

Sperduto & Associates, Inc