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Employee Engagement Survey

emp_engagement_surveyIt is no surprise that the best business decisions are those based on the facts. While many problems can be solved by looking at objective data such as financial reports or market standing, solving issues dealing with people is not as straightforward. One proven means of resolving issues that affect employees is through the use of surveys.

Our Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys provide leaders with data on the factors that impact satisfaction and resultant outcomes such as quality, safety, productivity, and turnover. They have been designed to collect baseline data and measure the effectiveness of interventions across time. Our measure of satisfaction has been developed statistically and correlates or links back with organizational outcomes such as increased customer satisfaction, reduced turnover and absenteeism, and increased productivity and bottom line dollars. This ability is unique to Sperduto & Associates, Inc. and has helped propel organizations to the top as they more clearly know on what to focus to produce world-class results. Our firm maintains a national norm base that is updated regularly and allows organizations to benchmark themselves against others.

Consultants at Sperduto & Associates, Inc. work with clients to customize a valid survey that meets their strategic and unique needs and can be used again to make future comparisons. We work with each client by communicating best practices for the survey process and assisting the organization with decisions such as the appropriate administration method, and how to best inform employees and supervisors about the survey to maximize the return rate. Our consultants understand the organizational variables that affect interpretation of results and will provide leaders with the training and materials needed to conduct action-planning sessions with their employees. Although we work in a variety of industries, we have developed a unique and highly effective process for healthcare organizations. Our healthcare process was developed to assist healthcare systems in achieving results through the hardwiring of practices that lead to greater employee satisfaction, engagement, and commitment. Our healthcare clients seek to demonstrate a commitment to both their employees and patients through the steady and scientific application of measurement technologies and sound people management principles. Our consultants work with healthcare leaders by providing meaningful scripting and action-planning tools that help our clients achieve financially and culturally stronger businesses.

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