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Board/CEO Relationship

board_ceo_pageThe boundaries between the traditional role of the Board of Directors and the traditional role of the CEO have become blurred and very difficult to understand since the scandals of Enron, MCI WorldCom, Global Crossing, and others led to the high stakes regulatory environment established by Sarbanes-Oxley. What has not changed is the vital importance of an excellent relationship between the CEO and the Board that is aligned to produce optimal functionality and profitability for the business. Our work with Boards and Chief Executives identifies the issues holding back performance and produces this functionality and profitability. Through our work over the years helping boards hire and evaluate CEO performance, we have become experts in this area. Without being an advocate for either the Board or the Chief Executive, we have developed the expertise to be an advocate for optimal corporate performance (which often means changes in behavior on both sides of the Board/CEO relationship). Contact us if this vital relationship in your organization could use fine-tuning or major adjustment. References are available.

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