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Succession Planning

success-planningMost organizations that aspire to achieve enduring levels of growth and success, rather than success only in the immediate timeframe, understand the importance of leadership succession planning. At Sperduto & Associates, Inc., we believe succession planning is not only about moving people and the organization ahead, but creating a pipeline of talented leaders. Our goal in assisting with succession planning is to introduce structure and objective data to this important area of decision making.

We can help identify high potential performers who previously had not been recognized through other avenues. In this way, an organization can become more constructively focused on how to discover and grow new talent. Succession planning also provides for thoughtful consideration about the diversity of individuals the current leadership wants to bring to future leadership. Our input and participation help focus our clients on performance related information and data about the potential of individuals. In this way, our clients develop the strongest team to lead their organization now and into its future.

Succession planning is one part of the larger process of talent management.

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