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Mergers & Acquisition

Untitled-7As our clients grow and develop, they are often in a position to acquire other companies. When this happens, we provide consultation in a variety of areas to ensure that the process occurs smoothly. Twenty years ago, we were one of the very first consulting firms in the country to assist in mergers and acquisitions between banks and savings & loan companies. More recently, we have successfully worked with mergers and acquisitions conducted in the retail, healthcare, and banking industries.

Sometimes we are asked to complete due diligence of the target company from an organizational psychology perspective to provide critical data about the goodness of fit of the two cultures and talents of the two workforces. At other times, when a merger or acquisition has already been announced, we are asked to provide an organizational blueprint for melding the culture and organizational structure of the two organizations together. Finally, we are often asked to help facilitate the joining of the two cultures through a formalized teambuilding process. Because of the critical nature of this work, we bring every level of expertise needed from our firm, borrowing from the skills and experiences of our entire staff to ensure success for our client.

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