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Conflict Resolution

Untitled-2Sometimes conflict between groups can escalate to the point at which difficulties working together are preventing the healthy functioning of the business. At times like this, our clients have found it helpful to seek our external counsel and assistance.

While our approach to Mediation is designed to resolve problems between individuals, our approach to conflict resolution is broader and applicable to resolving disputes between divisions, departments, work groups, or teams. Similar to mediation, we will use interviews and other diagnostic tools to gather data about the source of the conflict from all relevant perspectives. The result is an unbiased, fact-based understanding of the situation that will help us to tailor our conflict resolution approach to fit the specific client situation in which we are working. Once we have a basis of understanding, we will utilize components of teambuilding and mediation to work through the problems at hand. This tailored approach makes it more likely that a workable solution will be found. Further, the teambuilding pieces will begin to build a foundation of trust and positive, healthy work relationships that can carry the groups forward once the issues at hand have been resolved.

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