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Vocational Guidance Services

Untitled-13Selecting an appropriate career path can be one of the most daunting decisions in one’s life. We spend a great deal of time and effort on the job, and consequently, it is important to choose a career that will be engaging and satisfying. To make data-based decisions which help move toward higher levels of satisfaction, individuals can benefit from various forms of career guidance. During college or in the early career stages, young adults can sometimes have difficulty determining an appropriate major or employment path to pursue, and can profit from professional guidance from our consultants to provide them with some direction. During middle age, some of our clients opt to make career changes, and benefit from assistance figuring out how best to apply their skills to a new profession. Finally, as they approach retirement, various leaders with whom we work seek guidance to help them strategize about how best to utilize their abilities for the duration of their post-work years. All of our vocational guidance services draw on objective data, providing our clients with fine-tuned career recommendations, delivered in a supportive and empathic environment. Please read below for a more in-depth explanation of our vocational guidance services.


Higher Education and Early Career Direction

Although the vast majority of our consulting work is with organizations, our psychologists also work with high school, college, and graduate students to help them plan their career and future goals. Evidence shows that more and more high school students are entering college without clearly defined career objectives. As a result, many students experience uncertainty when the time comes to select a major. Confusion about future direction can also result in a prolonged college experience, which, in turn, can cause unnecessary expense. Here are some statistics to illustrate the extent of the issue.

  • 80% of college-bound students do not know what their major should be.1
  • 50% of college students change their major multiple times, which often extends college beyond 4 years.1
Vocational Guidance Services


Mid-Career Changes

Untitled-11Because individuals grow and develop across the life span, what seems right or fulfilling at one age may not seem that way at another age. Thus, the career path that may have been an excellent fit for someone in his or her twenties, might be less satisfying or engaging in mid-career. Alternately, many of the leaders with whom we work are ready for new challenges as they approach the later parts of their work lives. While they may have directed their talents and abilities in one direction previously, they may come to a point at which they have a desire to employ their skills in other ways. Through our career transition services, we help individuals find fulfilling ways to apply their talents in new careers that are well suited to their personality, interests, and skill sets. Because in our general consulting work, our psychologists interact with clients in a variety of roles and industries, we are able to draw on our experience to help our clients select meaningful jobs with pinpoint accuracy for the next phases of their lives.

Vocational Guidance Services


Retirement Planning

2632880XSmallWe work with many individuals who are approaching retirement, but still wish to lead an active and productive life during their “next chapter.” We find that fewer people aim for a “traditional” retirement; instead, they choose to continue to work in some realm, whether in a conventional work setting or by pursuing some avocational interest that allows them to leverage the skills they spent so many years honing. Thus, we also consult with individuals to help them find a new direction after they officially “retire” from their primary careers.

1 Ronan, G.B. (2005). College freshmen face major dilemma: Indecision about courses of study can prove expensive. Retrieved August 23, 2006, from http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10154383/print/1/displaymode/1098


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