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Selection Systems

Untitled-9There is a direct link between hiring the right people and bottom-line results. We will help you develop a selection system that more accurately predicts an applicant’s likelihood of success in a way that is fair, reliable, and legally defensible. We have proven experience in developing custom selection systems that meet your business needs regardless of your size or industry.

The Importance of Selection

An overwhelming amount of research supports the notion that the success of an organization depends in large part on hiring the right people. For most organizations, success is determined by how well the company can respond to the competitive business environment. Today’s business climate demands that organizations do everything possible to eliminate or reduce inefficiency and improve productivity. To meet these demands, companies need a high-quality, skilled workforce. It is through smart selection decisions that an organization creates the basis for this skilled workforce.

Successful selection decisions are as much about the ability to avoid hiring the wrong person as they are about finding the right person. Turnover and poor hiring decisions cost organizations tens of thousands of dollars each year in training and recruiting expenses, as well as lost productivity. One estimate of the rising cost of turnover by level suggests that the cost of turnover at the entry level is 25-50% of the employees salary and benefits. This estimate rises to 100-150% for a supervisor or manager and three to five times the annual salary and benefits for a senior executive.1

These may seem like exorbitant estimates until you consider hiring expenses, training costs, lost productivity, the cost of errors and accidents, and customer loss as well as the intangible impact on employee and customer satisfaction due to performance problems. At Sperduto & Associates, Inc. we assist companies in developing valid, reliable, and legally defensible selection systems that help build and retain a successful workforce. We have worked with clients to develop selection systems that have been objectively linked to:

  • Overall job performance
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Absenteeism
  • Turnover
  • Sales
  • Customer Retention
  • Insubordination
  • Theft

Developing a Selection System

The basic premise of any selection program is that some people are more likely to be successful in a role than others because they possess the knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics needed to perform the job successfully. Research has consistently shown that the best selection systems are based on thorough, high-quality data about the job and the organization. We begin by conducting a job analysis to determine the key knowledge areas, skills, abilities, and personality characteristics required for success in the job. Next, we gather information on the culture and environment to understand the job in a broader context. From this, we select and validate a battery of measures that allows us to evaluate the fit of applicants up against the job.

The factors we assess and the instruments we use to measure them depend on the job and the organization. Factors we might assess include cognitive abilities, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, work style, judgment and insight, motivational factors, leadership skills and style, communication skills, integrity, and other more specific knowledge and skill domains. The types of instruments we use include paper and pencil tests, internet-based instruments, interviews, work samples, and assessment centers.

Professional and Legal Standards

To learn more about how we can assist with ensuring the compliance of your hiring practices with applicable legal and professional requirements, please read more about our Litigation Support Services.

[1] Vilis Ozols. (2003). How Do You Keep Your Employees? Reducing Your Agencys Turnover Rate.
Retrieved February 7, 2007, from www.crsoftwareinc.com/newsletters/2005_02.pdf

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