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CEO Development

ceo_developmentPreparation for the decisions and behavior required to be a successful CEO is hard to come by. Much the same as being a parent, experience in the position is extremely important. Over the years we have developed a specialty in helping:

  1. new CEOs quickly develop in their roles to successfully lead organizations,
  2. mature CEOs who are new to a company shortcut their integration process and the time it takes them to understand the lay of the land, and
  3. long-tenured CEOs who want to take their companies to the next level.

This specialty was developed based upon our extensive work with experienced CEOs as they lead companies to success. There are keys to being successful as a new CEO and other keys to being successful as a long-term CEO. If you are a board member selecting a first time CEO, or a CEO yourself, talk to us about how we can be of assistance. References from successful current and past CEOs of companies ranging from the largest of their type to small entrepreneurial organizations are available.

Please call us at 404/577-1178 to discuss how we can assist you with this service.

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