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Psychological Assessment

2299638XSmallData is the foundation upon which good business decisions and plans are based. Yet, when it comes to making decisions and developing plans regarding people, the majority of organizations struggle with knowing what data to consider, how to evaluate it, and how to incorporate it into good decision making. Indeed, hiring or promotional mistakes┬Ł made as a result of insufficient or inadequate data being considered is the single most cited reason for new clients engaging our services.

Psychological assessment for selection, promotion, or developmental purposes is the most frequently used service we provide. It is the foundation upon which almost all of our other services are built. The psychological assessment is the process by which we come to deeply understand individuals and, thereby, their likely fit with a particular role, organization, or culture. In the psychological assessment process, we employ reliable and valid psychological assessment techniques to help organizations identify an individuals strengths and potential liabilities, and how to best manage and utilize that individual. In addition, we use psychological assessments to assist our clients with career path planning, succession planning, teambuilding, problem resolution, and cultural issues.

At Sperduto & Associates, Inc., we offer several levels of psychological assessment, ranging from brief assessments most appropriate for entry-level positions, through assessments appropriate for middle management to the C-suites.

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