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Leadership Development

Services_PhotoExecCoach1Leader effectiveness is one of the most highly researched topics in organizational psychology. In fact, research suggests that over 50% of senior executives will either fail or be unable to realize their potential without coaching or personal development.1 Whereas few organizations do a good job of utilizing objective data to aid in their key selection and promotion decisions, even fewer execute strong disciplines around ensuring the appropriate development of their key employees. There are likely many reasons why this occurs, but two of the most common are: 1) most organizations do not possess the knowledge to implement a strong developmental culture and 2) senior management is frequently skeptical regarding the relevance of doing so and the impact to the organizations bottom line.

Our consultation around individual development is designed to help individuals move from increased self-awareness to developmental action. The aim is to prioritize goals and to identify specific, actionable steps necessary to achieve these objectives. Making the transition from understanding and self-awareness to taking action is key to an individuals personal growth and development.

Successful individual development requires discipline, accountability, and commitment. In other words, there are many levels at which the transition from insight to professional growth can break down. It is relatively easy to go through the motions of providing someone with feedback and most individuals are capable of producing a decent developmental plan. In reality, however, attention is easily turned elsewhere as the individual in need of, and desiring, change feels the day-to-day rush of getting other work done.

At Sperduto & Associates, Inc., we not only help individuals understand their developmental needs, we work with their boss and other relevant managers and executives (most commonly including Human Resources) to build and implement impactful developmental plans that suit the needs of both the individual and the organization. In other words, the organization is assured that individuals are working to develop skills that are not only desired but, ultimately, tied to the organizations mission, values, and strategy. We also work with organizations to ensure that the culture is one that fosters development and possesses the discipline necessary to maintain accountability and results.

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